That Time Yet Again

Well, here I am once again, sitting around itching to sew tiny clothes for resin kids. I’ve been into the BJD hobby for ten years. Ten whole damn years. You’d think I have a million dolls by now, right? Yeah, no. I’ve only ever owned one, and I had to sell her a couple years ago to get money to fix my car. But I’ve recently decided to reshell her into an SD size and boy do I have some plans. I really need another sewing outlet that isn’t just cosplay.

So here’s my goals for the next couple weeks:
>>>Take my machine in for a tune up because oh my god, that thing is jacked up right now.
>>>Make some basic garments that don’t require much measurements, I’m planning a couple petticoats, circle skirts, and testing out SD patterns I can scrape up from the various depths of the internet
>>>Make some shoes. I have a stupid amount of leather sitting around where to scraps are too small for much else,so why not?
>>>Test out a wig cap pattern and get started on making wefts out of this deliciously soft and fluffy yarn my boyfriend picked up for me

So that’s the general plan. I hope you tag along for my journey.

Love, Queen